Tested on:RPi3; Raspbian Jessie; WebIOPi 0.7.1
Prerequisites:Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie and internet connection (see steps 1-7 in the Introduction)

WebIOPi for the Raspberry Pi 3

WebIOPi is a server for the Raspberry Pi that allows setting up smartphone remote controls and similar very easily. I already wrote a tutorial about WebIOPi, but the old installation method does not work for the Raspberry Pi 3.
Luckily, doublebind has instruction for the installation on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Boot the Raspberry Pi and make sure that it has a running internet connection. Then, enter in the terminal

For more info about WebIOPi, check out my other tutorial on WebIOPi.

WebIOPi Website: http://webiopi.trouch.com/
Webinterface WebIOPi tutorial: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/webiopi-a-simple-but-great-web-api-for-the-raspberry-pi/
WebIOPi for the RPi3 installation: https://github.com/doublebind/raspi

Knight of Pi

Johannes Bergs aka Knight of Pi. Diploma in Bioinformatics, some Webdesign and Python coding then. Living in the beautiful city of Vienna.


  1. Thanks, this worked for me. I had tried a lot of other stuff….

  2. :~ $ tar xvzf WebIOPi-0.7.1.tar.gz

    gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
    tar: Child returned status 1
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

    • Works for me- maybe the download with wget in the step before failed?


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