Tested on:Python 2.7; Python 3
Prerequisites:Software testing: mock edge values or physical interactions

Test complex GPIO interactions easily with call_args_list

Lets assume the Raspberry Pi is connected to a relays board which switches a lamp. The physical interaction can be blocked with Mock and validated with call_args_list. light.turn_on() triggers pin 13 to power the relays board and pin 11 to activate the relay of a lamp. After two seconds, both pins need to be disabled to turn the lamp off again.

This complex behaviour could be tested quite easily with

Mocking light.trigger_pin() prevents physically executing the switching.
Then, the function for turning on the light is called and the test asserts that trigger_pin would have been called with the right order and values using the marvelous .call_args_list.

Software testen mit Mock: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/software-testing-mock-edge-values-or-physical-interactions

Knight of Pi

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