Tested on:Kubuntu Linux 14.04
Hardware:Host Computer

Sniff a Raspberry: angry ip scanner

In the basic Raspberry Pi setup, the only step which requires peripherals is finding the Raspberry Pis’ IP. It’s possible to bypass this with a ip scanner like the easy-to-use angry ip scanner.
Download the scanner from angryip.org onto the host computer, then doubleclick the downloaded file to install.

Start the scanner by typing ipscan in the terminal. Now, select an ip range. The IP to start from should be the network IP, but the last cipher should be 0, e.g., and the end IP should be the network IP with the last cipher being 255, like By this, all IPs in the local network are scanned. Click on Start; when the scan is finished, the Raspberry Pi will be marked blue at the index of the scanned IP if connected.
The current IP range can be added as a favorite under the menu item Favorites. A stored range can then be accessed quickly from that menu item again.

basic Raspberry Pi setup tutorial: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/basic-raspberry-setup-step-by-step/
Angryip.org Website: http://angryip.org

Knight of Pi

Johannes Bergs aka Knight of Pi. Diploma in Bioinformatics, some Webdesign and Python coding then. Living in the beautiful city of Vienna.


  1. the easy-to-use angry ip scanner does not seem to install on a raspberry pi

    • Hello Joe,
      i use angry ip scanner on a Linux host computer to find all my local Raspi wifi IPs for example
      If you really need to scan IPs on a Raspberry Pi, nmap could be the tool you’re looking for.


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