Tested on:BeagleBone black
Prerequisites:Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie and internet connection (see steps 1-7 in the Introduction)
Hardware:SCD30 with pins and jumper cables

Reading the CO2 sensor SCD30 over I2C with Smbus

The sensor SCD30 by Sensirion is a precision sensor for measuring CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity and can be read by a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone. Sensor access is based on the I2C protocol.

Since this was a remote project for a client, i need to refer to the data sheet for assembly.

Activate I2C with raspi-config and install the script with

Execute it by entering

Code explained
I2C communication is based on hexadecimal control commands. The command 0x0300 enables reading the data; in case of the sensor SCD30, 18 bytes are required.

Finally, the data needs to be decoded from Big Endian into floating point numbers:

Since i do not own this sensor, i can’t give support for this tutorial.
Special thanks to Roberto for allowing to share this code!

Full script
Click on Full Script to show all of the code.

data sheet SCD30: https://www.sensirion.com/fileadmin/user_upload/customers/sensirion/Dokumente/0_Datasheets/CO2/Sensirion_CO2_Sensors_SCD30_Datasheet.pdf

Knight of Pi

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  1. generically it’s ok but in practice it doesn’t work, I’ll try, then I say anything

  2. Hello, I was just wondering what circuit you used to connect your sensor to the pi?

    • Sadly, no, i don’t own the sensor so i can’t test it. But the data sheets i referenced should help with that.

  3. Is it possible to provide a wiring diagram for the SCD30 and pi connection?


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