Tested on:RPi2, RPi3; Raspbian Stretch
Prerequisites:Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie and internet connection (see steps 1-7 in the Introduction)

Issue Tracking with Redmine 3 on a Raspberry Pi 3

Redmine is a powerful, HTMl based Issue tracking system and very valuable for (collaborative) development of complex software.
In this tutorial, Redmine 3 is installed on a Raspberry Pi 3. Then, a dummy project is shown. Redmine 3 runs fast enough on the Raspberry Pi 3, but older models would likely suffer from performance issues.

Install Redmine by entering

Choose mysql as data bank type and for instance testpassword as password for the data base installation. The installation takes a while!

Starting Redmine
For starting Redmine, enter in the terminal

Now, open a browser and surf to the site

To log in, choose admin as username and password. If Redmine should be accessible from the local network with a fixed IP, the parameters -p 8000 -b X.X.X.X need to be added at the end of the ruby call above.

Dummy project
As a dummy project, i choose my old dream, the flying submarine (Airmarine):

Project Airmarine

Project Airmarine

Projects are modularized into subprojects as necessary. Every project or subproject has its own issue tracking. Issues are either feature requests, bugs or support requests. A major bug for the subproject for disassembling an airplane is not having one:
Redmine Bug

Redmine Bug

Issues can be delegated to users, priorized, dated and extended with files and are updated as necessary.

Weitere Informationen

Redmine Homepage: http://www.redmine.org
Wiki Issue tracking system: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issue_tracking_system

Knight of Pi

Johannes Bergs aka Knight of Pi. Diploma in Bioinformatics, some Webdesign and Python coding then. Living in the beautiful city of Vienna.


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for this awesome tutorial!
    I have 2 questions:
    – Can I create a systemd unit from it, so it will start up at every boot?
    – Where can I find the config file for Redmine? I have to modifiy port 3000 because I already have a service running on it.

  2. Thanks for posting this wonderful steps for installing Redmine, it works like a champ the first time. Now, I can have my RPi2 works even harder for me. BTW, how do I backup the Redmine Mysql database? Worse thing that can happen is losing or having corrupted data :(


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