Tested on:RPi3; Raspbian Jessie; RetroArch 1.6.0
Prerequisites:Raspberry Pi mit Raspbian Jessie und Internetverbindung (siehe Schritte 1-7 in der Einfuehrung)
Hardware:2 Keyboards (z.B. QK-90015)

Emulator gaming with RetroPie update: using two keyboards with a solar powered Raspberry Pi

BRX1000: Gaming with RetroPie

BRX1000: Gaming with RetroPie

RetroPie was built with great care, Installation and setup are simple and intuitive. But RetroPie was optimized for gamepads- for using keyboards, some tweaks are necessary. Furthermore there is help for quitting games from the keyboards and some hints for installing software like Quake III Arena.

The installation is quite simple. On a recent Raspbian Jessie, enter in the terminal

In the now-open installer, choose Basic Install and confirm. Now, you can copy ROMs of your old games into /home/pi/RetroPie/roms in a subdirectory depending on the device of the ROM. These games can now be started from the main menu under the icon of its console.

Hack for two keyboards
I have a pair of pleasant mini-wifi keyboard + mouse combos:

Keyboard QK-90015

Keyboard QK-90015

These speakers take 5V from USB and can be supplied by a Raspberry Pi therefore. But i didn’t find a clean way to support two keyboards. For this, the controls for each player must be put on different keys.
Enter in the terminal

A program for configuring input devices opens. Hold A on the keyboard pressed, then use these keys as controls:

Depending on the type of the keyboard, other keys might be necessary. You just have to make sure that no RetroPie hotkeys are pressed with regular controls. Quit now RetroPie with o, then choose Quit, confirm with c , choose Quit Emulationstation and confirm with c twice.
Open the input configuration with a text editor, for example Nano:

Find the line beginning with input_player1_a . Replace the whole block of code that starts with input_player1_ with

Both players now play with the controls given in the config file. Both players use o and p for Start and Select.

Quitting games from a keyboard
With the default configuration, once opened games can’t be quit from the keyboard. To change that, open the configuration file with

Find the line beginning with input_exit_emulator = und and replace it with

Find the line beginning with input_enable_hotkey = und and replace it with

Ensure that auto_remaps_enable is false and not true:

Now, games can be exited by pressing Escape.

Installing Quake III Arena
Additional software like Quake or DosBox can be installed from the RetroPie configuration menu. Start EmulationStation by entering emulationstation in the terminal. Choose the RetroPie Icon and confirm with c. In the following menu, select RetroPie Setup and confirm. Go to Manage packages and then to Manage optional packages. Now, you can pick a software for installation, for example quake3 and confirm. Quake III Arena can now be started from the Ports Icon in the main menu.

RetroPie configuration

RetroPie configuration

Solar emulator
The BRX1000 which is shown at the beginning can be used as autonomous gaming station. But network access for Quake III Arena multiplayer was not tested so far.

Solar computer BRX1000: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/brx1000-autonomous-rpi-solar-computer-with-mopower-for-energy-management/
RetroPie Website: https://retropie.org.uk

Knight of Pi

Johannes Bergs aka Knight of Pi. Diploma in Bioinformatics, some Webdesign and Python coding then. Living in the beautiful city of Vienna.


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