The Hardware Hacker by Andrew "bunnie" Huang

The Hardware Hacker

The Hardware Hacker


Andrew “bunnie” Huang, a world-renowned hacker, gives an amazing introduction to making and hardware hacking in his book “The Hardware Hacker”.
I’ve always been curious about the chinese high-tech factories: the raise of China from low-tech to hardware lab number one in just a few decades is more than impressive. “The Hardware Hacker” gives valuable insight into that ecosystem and what to consider when a prototype goes into mass production. Bunnie presents some of his open hardware projects, of which the hacker laptop “novena” impressed me most (wantwantwant). He also examines the cultural differences between the strict western copyright and patenting system and the highly volatile hardware blueprint sharing called “gongkai” in China. The book also gives good examples how encryption can be circumvented without breaking the law. A short chapter on bioinformatics sadly comes without beautiful protein 3d-models, but gives a good primer on why bioinformatics matter these days.
Finally, the book concludes with some interviews, which are very encouraging and point out strengths of the chinese approach to hardware.
Verdict: Yes, thanks and more, please!


Genre: Electronics, Embedded Systems, Hacking, Hardware, Hardware Design, Making

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