Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualisation by Cyrille Rossant

Learning IPython

Learning IPython

Jupyter/IPython is a brilliant Python integrated development environment (IDE). Programs are built sequentially
in so-called Notebooks, which is especially great for exercises and for understanding the working of complex pieces of code. In combination with Matplotlib, IPython is able to produce publication-grade graphs. As the Python module NumPy comes with fast data management tools, IPython is also wonderful for data analysis.
Besides having only about 170 pages, this book gives a very good introduction to IPython, Python, NumPy, data handling and custom plotting. The underlying technology is mostly explained superficially, but every topic comes topped with plenty of useful links. A long tutorial analyses the data of cab drivers on the isle of manhattan profundly and shows how to create a density map of pick on and drop off locations. The last chapter gives plenty of help for speed optimisation.


Genre: IPython, Jupyter, Matplotlib, NumPy, Pandas, Programming, Python

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