Tested on:Raspberry Pi 2; Raspberry Pi B+; Python 2.7; Raspbian pre Jessie
Hardware:Raspberry Pi
Mouse, keyboard, HDMI screen
Power source with microUSB jack, 5 Volt and 2 Ampere

Basic Raspberry setup step by step

For the basic setup, your Raspberry Pi has to be connected to a screen, mouse, keyboard, power source and SDHC card.

After installing Raspbian on the SD card, the Raspberry Pi will start the programm raspi-config automatically on the first boot. If that fails, you can start it with sudo raspi-config in the terminal.

Configuration with raspi-config

  • Press Enter on Expand Filesystem
  • Change the user password
  • Select Enable boot to Desktop and choose your flavor
  • Go through all of the submenus of the Internationalisation Options and choose what suits your setup (the keyboard is generic 105 intl keyboard in most cases)
  • Enable camera if you want to use a camera module
  • In Advanced Options, enable ssh and everything else you need
    (if you want to use SPI, do not activate it here but follow the SPI installation tutorial)

Close raspi-config and reboot(sudo reboot if it doesn’t happen automatically).

Updating the Raspberry Pis’ software now is a good idea, but this requires a running internet connection, either over Ethernet or Wifi.

If you want to improve your workflow on the Raspberry Pi, check out the advanced setup instructions.

camera module tutorial: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/raspberry-pi-camera-and-night-vision-with-pinoir
SPI installation tutorial: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/raspberry-pi-installation-of-the-serial-peripheral-interface-bus-spi
Software update tutorial: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/refreshing-the-software-of-the-raspberry-pi/
Raspberry Pi Headless: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/headless-a-raspberry-pi-without-peripherals-over-ethernet
Wifi setup tutorial: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/raspberry-pi-wifi/
advanced setup instructions: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/workflow-advanced-raspberry-setup
Tutorial: Burn a disk image to a SD card: http://www.knight-of-pi.org/installation/

Knight of Pi

Johannes Bergs aka Knight of Pi. Diploma in Bioinformatics, some Webdesign and Python coding then. Living in the beautiful city of Vienna.


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