About Knight of Pi
Starting with a collection of code fragments for building some experience with the Raspberry Pi, i shortly became very hooked to tinkering with the RPi. Since i had so much fun thanks to the sharing and collaborative Raspberry Pi ecosystem, i decided to step it up and am building a beginner friendly and easy to use website for everyone since. Hope you enjoy it!

For beginners, i collected some basic tutorials aimed at giving the minimum knowledge for tinkering with the Raspberry Pi: the Introduction. The Frequently Asked Questions might help for some basic problems, too.

Writing tutorials and keeping up the wordpress blog really is a lot of work, not to talk about the expenses for building a lab. None of the tutorials are sponsored anyhow, since i want to keep my opinion neutral. Plus, Knight of Pi is completely ads-free.
If you want to support this project, checkout the donate box on the right or donate with Paypal to jo@knight-of-pi.org. I’d happily accept a small donation!

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